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I prpose that we all write informative and intelligent queries concerning the status of Fon's return to TV, movie, or Chung's doings to the Personality Parade section in Parade magazine. That guy always seems to find out whats happening in the world of entertainment. But remember, the subject is personality, so try to focus your question around Peter Chung. If we send in enough, they just might answer one. Or we could all decide on one common message, and make revisions as a group in this thread. Here's the address: Walter Scott Box 5001 Grand Central Station New York, N.Y. 10163-5001

-- Owen Black (, October 19, 1998


Peter Chung has moved on. He did what he wanted with Aeon, and it was great, but he wouldn't enjoy milking her for more. He's a person just like us, so demanding that he work on something that will probably never benefit him further is just selfish.

Of course, someone else could try their hand (a'la Chronophasia) but I'm not sure it would be the same.

There's nothing wrong with asking for re-runs, though.

-- Philip Mills (, October 20, 1998.

I suppose the most we can hope for is any unreleased material or outtakes from existing episodes... I suspect this isn't the last we'll hear from Mr. Chung, however. If you want help writing a letter, though, I'm game.

-- Spofforth (, October 21, 1998.

What about that Japanimation "Alexander the Great" project Peter Chung was supposed to be involved in? Has anyone heard any news about that?

-- Charles Martin (, October 28, 1998.

Here's my rough, rough proposal. Please Help make it perfect!!!!

I(We) am a huge fan of the cancelled MTV cartoon, "Fon Flux." It's creator, Peter Chung, has mentioned a revival fourth season to coincide with an "Fon Flux" movie. Chung has also said that he is involved with a cartoon project called "Alexander the Great." Will any of these productions come through?

This may need to be shorter, but please, feedback is necessary, and feel free to re-write. Thanks to all.

-- Owen Black (, October 28, 1998.

Is it true that GTinteractive is making an Aeon Flux game?

-- Cliff Leslie (, October 29, 1998.

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