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The SBA issued a package which we at SSA have to help disseminate info on Y2kK.I see this as credible hard evidence that we have a problem. Highlights-40% of small businesses have no Y2K plans. 82% of small businesses are at Y2K risk. The testing phase of Y2K will take 50-70% of total effort The real problem is with embedded sytems. 700,000 firms estimate they will lose 70% of their sales if their computers dont work.The reality of supply chains and interdependence add to the fact that thie Y2K issue is a major one.The report gave several examples of what has already occured in businesses to warn small businesses that this is a problem that must be dealt with such as a food chain having its warehouse destroy loads of canned tomatoes thinking they were 93 yearsold,a furniture company limiting its length of loans to 2 years as their system could not handle loans extending into 2000,and a grocery system shutting down when credit cards were used with expiration dates after 1999. The report was serious and it seemed obvious that many small businesses are waiting for a silver bullet that will not arrive.I personally feel that the economic repurcussions of Y2K will dwarf all other potentail problems.May this attempt by the SBA be a wake-up call to some.What happens when thousands of small businesses go belly-up?

-- Dennis Chornomaz (, October 19, 1998


Short answer to your last question: economic meltdown.

-- Steve Hartsman (, October 19, 1998.

So, Dennis, is this report available to the general public? Where would I get a couple hundred copies to personally distribute to local businesses in my community? Hmmm...think I'll call SBA tomorrow...Might make a nice piece to send to my favorite local reporter. And maybe to that county commissioner...

-- Faith Weaver (, October 20, 1998.

Yesterday's local paper (Durham Herald-Sun) had prominent half-page ad, "ARE YOU Y2K OK?" Promotes National Y2K Action Week, October 19=23, 1998, sponsored by President's Council on Year 2000 Conversion ( and U.S. Small Business Administration ( The ad says, in pertinent part:

"Find out how to make sure the technologies you need and your business partners depend upon are 'Y2K OK.' For information on training seminars and other educational events being held in your area during National Y2K Action Week, call toll-free: 1-800-U-ASK-SBA.

"We also urge local governments and community organizations to act now to meet the Y2K challenge."

Think I'll post this as separate message too!

-- Aitch (, October 20, 1998.

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