What about those of us who aren't 'Plugged In'?

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Hi-de-ho everybody

Just thought I'd ask the questions that seems to be the main stumbling blocks vis a vis establishing a Blue Skies web site/discussion area ... What about Blue Skiers who don't have computers or internet access? Do they become second-class Blue Skies citizens (or third?)? Do they wind up excluded from the decision making loop and our discussions because they aren't wired?

I have spoken to a number of folks about the whole concept of this Web stuff when it comes to Blue Skies, and this seems to be the major concern. Most everybody sees the 'potential' for broadening our discussions and making our decisions more democratic and consensual, but there is also a great fear that we may wind up just creating another Blue Skies in-group. This time the electronically connected bunch.

I wonder if there isn't some way to address this issue in a real Blue Skies fashion. I mean recognize what the problem is, figure out how to fix it, and fix it. That's what we do when we don't have enough loos, or when the cooler is broke. We fix it.

Anybody have any nifty ideas about how we can keep people from feeling left out? How can we take advantage of the strengths of this new medium without falling victim to its weaknesses?

Boy! If we can come up with a Blue Skies kind of solution to these puzzlers we'll really have accomplished something, won't we?

Anyway, just thought I'd raise the issues and see what happened.

See you all at the 26th Festival.


-- Anonymous, October 19, 1998


Hi everyone,

I just want to respond to John's comment about the fact that not everyone is plugged-in.

It's not that big a deal that not everyone can access this site. Those of us that can will.

Anyone can learn how to use a computer to access this page. It's not hard, and a lot of people already have access to the internet through work or at home. Anyone can use it for free at public libraries throughout Ontario. All you need to know is the address and then you follow the instructions once you get here.

The potential that this tool offers is pretty cool. It's like a big conference call that everyone can participate in! It can open up the lines of communication by allowing hats and volunteers to better coordinate among themselves. It could allow hats from different areas to interact in between the meetings. It could allow those who can't attend the get-togethers to have some input on the discussions there.

This discussion board is just that: a forum for discussion. No serious decisions will be made here. The purpose of a web site like this isn't to replace telephones, letters or meetings but to supplement them. In fact the postings here could be read or posted at the meetings if warranted.

So, I , for one, would like to thank Steve for putting this thing together for us to use. Hoorah! Well Done! Good on ya'



-- Anonymous, November 19, 1998

Hi all, and thanks to Frank & Jo Eaton for posting this site to me. I am pondering the weight of it all, but in the meantime am kinda excited to be in touch with so many so quickly. Wow! Wait till I tell Carolyn (Stewart), who is not on line. THEN we'll get a discussion!

Thanks Steve for the chance to argue all this.

Cheers to all. Inie

-- Anonymous, November 25, 1998

Thanks to Steve for this. Nice to have an easy place to speak to so many. We'll see where it goes!


-- Anonymous, November 27, 1998

Hello again

Not a bad November is it? Dang that La Nina thang!

Nice to see people straggling in to Steve's test site. I think it was probably feeling mighty lonely for a while.

Thought I'd just mention a couple of things along this topic area. I got a call from Oskar the other night saying he was having some trouble getting into this Blue Skies site. Are there a couple of glitches? I haven't had any trouble, but we better make sure that everyone who IS plugged in can actually get here to check it out.

On the same topic sort of, how widely have we shared this site's address in our little community? Does everyone who might be interested have the address and if not, how might we make that happen?

Anyway, that's all for now. Going to see the Chieftains and the McGarrigles on Sunday. Yipppeee!


-- Anonymous, November 28, 1998

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