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I am interested in advice on pricing and rights for B+W head shots to be used as part of a publicity package for a publisher.

These pictures might also be used for a book cover (back cover as author pictures).

I am not familiar with the publishing industry and I don't know what rights are typically requested for a publicity package. I presume these are used for newsletters, speaking engagements, web pages, etc. I intend to ask, but I wanted to be more knowledgeable about the typical practices and pricing before getting into this discussion.

Are full rights generally given with such photos, or are the rights typically limited? If they are limited, what are the typical classes of limitation? What is the general price for these rights?

What is the price range for pictures of the author with credit given to the photographer? What about without credit?

My experience is with portrait photography, where there are no rights for reproduction.

-- Derick Miller (112134,, October 19, 1998


If you can get hold of a book 'Sell & Resell Your Photos' by Rohn Engh you will find some guidance in calculating prices for different usuage. Also some of the agencies on the net ie Painet quote their fees for use of their pics. This may be a guide for you.

John Swannick

-- John Swannick (, October 19, 1998.

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