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The other day I was at my local bank, in Pennsylvania and I noticed all the screens where keying operations took place were still DOS type screens and VT type terminals. When it was my turn in line I asked my teller "Are you aware of the Y2K issue and is this bank compliant?" well.. Much to my suprise, her reply was "If they loose anything let's just hope it's the loans and not the savings right.." needless to say I wasn't reassured by this answer.. It was obvious that she was aware of the problem but unaware of what the banks plans were. True she wasn't an executive officer but I would think any bank worth it's salt would've at least told tellers to reply with some kind of a standard reply that they have a plan in place.. I looked on the internet and get the usual face letter PR job.. My confidence is not high here.. Slammer

-- (, October 19, 1998


I am a former bank teller of 15 years. No doubt, the bank I worked for would have briefed us all on what to say. The bank teller here told me that nothing was going to will be no big deal. Do you think that I believe her? Definetly not!!! Blondie

-- Blondie Marie (, October 20, 1998.

When I joked about y2k at my bank the manager turned away from what he was working on and said " We have taken care of that there is nothing to worry about". He was very quick and serious with his reaction. I asked him, "what if the power grid goes down?" He answered "We won't be HERE". "Will the ATMs work?" "No, but they will be compliant" He laughed and I smiled. Life in pre-y2k.

-- Bill (, October 20, 1998.

Re the lawyers and disclosure: Would it make any difference in their forthcoming with information if one approached them from the stance of being an INVESTOR or potential INVESTOR rather than just a peon customer? Any "disclosure" requirements differences?

-- dave bean (, October 20, 1998.

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