Who else thinks that the new rulez suck???!!!!

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For a tyranid army the new rules are shit. The God of battle good ol' Carnifex has been turned into a baby and space marines aren't beatable at all!!

-- King Attila (otto_ka@hotmail.com), October 19, 1998


Yeah, I have to agree, they didn't really change the points cost of the normal Tyranid troops, instead they made the mainstay of the Imperial Guard Tanks as armoured as a tin can! Now a bolter can penitrate a Leman Russ, that seems very likely! What about the fact that no Imperial tank can't move or shoot all of it's weapons if you fire the main gun? We can do that now with today's tanks, why not in 40k? What happened to a little realism? How about those that have purchased a model from "Armorcast" and can no-longer play with it because of the new rules. They might as well call 40k "Epic, only bigger" (except I.G. can still barrage). That's my opinion! They really should have only made it better by fixxing the problems not re-making the game!

-- Gino A. LaMana (exidus_69@yahoo.com), October 19, 1998.

Damn Straight! All 40k is now is a big version of epic. Sure the new models and scenery may be good but the new rules suck.

-- (stip-e@juno.com), October 20, 1998.

personaly i think the new rules are not to bad......i have played MANY games with these new rules.....i respect other opinions and agree that some rules can appear a bit daft or odd...in many cases they are a bit odd...but there you go...i have been playing 40k from the moment rouge trader came out....and both of the recent games suck when you get down to it.......oh..and a bolter cannot penetrate a leman russ...even at its weekest point..the rear armour (10)..a boltgun is str 4 + d6 + maximum of 10 a glancing hit only...and a lucky one at that!....if you get behind a leman russ and dont get killed you opponant is either mad or very crap.............

-- darkchild (greyknight@netscape.net), October 21, 1998.

i'm just a po' boy who has no job so i haven't gatten the new set yet.... i also don't know about getting the new book seperatly....but from what i hear it seems like most people will use the new modles but use old rules..... i haven't been to the h.s. i a while either....i need some info on the new stuff other than the story crap GW tells us.

-- kain (ig88@mindspring.com), October 21, 1998.

Yes, But since when can a bolter stop a tank? A space marine with a jump pack could get behind it

-- Gino LaMana (exidus_69@yahoo.com), October 25, 1998.

okay....i'm getting screwed by somebody here....a friend of minne went to the local shop and said that the leaman hasnot changed niether has most of the other stuff... the most that hasd changed is the fact that psychikk powers that you get in dark mil. are almost now obsolete.....what the ____ is going on!!! who do i listen to??!!

-- kain (ig88@mindspring.com), October 26, 1998.

Hey! The new rulez really suck! It's not 40K anymore, it's a complete NEW game, based on the 40K background. I like my IG tanks and I think vehicles are shaken or completly destroyed at 4+. That's not good. Point values are cheaper, so you can build bigger armies but I don't want to by more tanks (at a hefty price!) just only to see them getting destroyed by small weapon fire!! None of the people I know in Germany wants to play using the new rulez because they are developed for a "target group aged 8-10 years"! Last week we went to the GW store in Hamburg and told the trolls where to put their new expensive sh.....! Hail to Rogue Trader and 2nd Edition!

-- Frederick Feulner (freder@2060.net), November 06, 1998.

who ever told you that was talking out of there arse.....the new 40k rules where not made with a target audience of 8-10.....thats a pile of crap..how many 8 year olds can understand those rules....?...when i was 8-10 i had no idea of the words...varient,resourceful,ascension,inevitability,immobilised,haphaz zard,persicution,preliminary...etc..etc..i dont know about you....im not thick..i have a degree in physics, but i was not that smart when i was a kid.....40k has a minimum age of 10...if!!!! the kid is smart...do you really think that if the game was aimed at 8 to 10 year olds it would read as it does?.....if so what is the average IQ of children where you come from 140? cos it would have to be.......... most people who play are at least 12....most fall into the 16-35 area... let me assure you...the new 40k was designed by you!...from feedback from letters e-mail and conversations at tournaments and conventions...so if you dont like it....WRITE TO THEM!!!!!!...if you dont make your point known, then thats just tough. People said the old 40k was crap...and that it should be changed..... it was..... people said it had to be able to accomodate more tanks and troops... it can.... it had to be easier for using large numbers of troops and tanks.... it is..... it was to be more like rouge trader ..with a more adult gothic feel.. it is......

what do you want?........i am neither one way or the other with the rules.....i have not played enough games with all the armies yet.....give it six months ..and i will be ready to make a desicion....but im not just gonna slag it off..cos its not what i wanted....the last 40 was not what i wanted..but when i got used to it it was great. GIVE IT A CHANCE....insted of whinging and whining...play some damn games.......try other armies....GIVE IT A CHANCE!

-- mister j.j (me@here.anywhere), November 06, 1998.

Yeah, I'm willing to give the new rules a go, but most of the armies seem to have been dumped on, Terminator armour being completely nullified by a power sword, orks can't shoot straight at all, Eldar go slower and Imp. Guard tanks get caned by bolters

-- Heeden (SH31@student.lanmore.ac.uk), November 17, 1998.

The new 40k is good but not as good as the old 2nd edition.

I think a better idea would have been to evolve warhammer like the new 5th edition of warhammer instead of doing a complete overhaul wich is what the 2nd edition didnt need. The 2nd edition only neede some tweeking and would have been just fine.

People compain that they want to play bigger games with more tanks, go ahead! there was ne reason to change piont costs just play a bigger game like 3,000 pionts if you want a bigger game!

in the end its all about the persons opinion and how THEY feel about the game, there is no scientific fact that says the 2nd edition is better than the 3rd or the 3rd is better than the 2nd its all about the person's personal taste.

-- (word@up-g.com), November 19, 1998.

I don't like the new rules, but I will keep testing them all. Some armies are stronger, i.e. Space Marines and Chaos, while some are weaker, i.e. Eldars, Tyranids and Imperial Guard. I will probably take things from both 2nd and 3rd edition and some house rules and make something that will satisfy my gaming buddies and me.

By the way, a bolter and a bolt pistol can destroy a Leman Russ in the rear, if you roll a six on the glancing hits table, BOOM! no more Leman Russ, or Chimera, or Falcon, etc, EXCEPT THE LAND RAIDER!!!!

Sponsoon weapons are now useless since you MUST fire ALL weapons on a tank at the same target. And they want us to buy more vehicles!!! I am not going to buy vehicles when they are so weak.

Anyway, that's my opinion, and I haven't met anyone (except here) who did not like the game, they are all in love with it. They must have been brainwashed! :)

Your most humble and obedient servant, LouisXVLeBienAime.

-- LouisXVLeBienAime (louis_44@hotmail.com), November 24, 1998.

I like the new rules, man. they're simpler, quicker, what more do you want? Yes it has big problems, namely, a wapon that used to only have an armor mod of -4, the meltagun, now pretty much automatically kill terminators. (I found that out by accident a week ago, when i tried out my old eldar fire dragon squad. in one turn I dropped four terminators, and that's just because I only hit four terminators!)

also, the MK II tank from WWI could fire on the move! Any MBT arround can fire on the move! Havent the Mechanicus ever heard of shock obsorbers, and balenced gun placement?

asside from that, GW did answer our calls for a simpler game, and I like it, I don't have to waste my time calculating wargear when I should be killing alien scum. Another point to consider is the Warhamer skirmish game that's coming out soon. third edition opened up a gap for that game to fill. duh, they have to have a reason for people to shell out another 75 bucks for a boxed set. all we're missing now is a large unit game, we've got skirmish comming, 40k, epic, for company sized units, and gothic (oooh, gothic!) whouldnt a regiment sised game be neat? of course it would play like an avalon hill WWII sim, but hey, I love it, personally.

-- Lt. Col. Williams (khaldonH@aol.com), March 04, 1999.


-- Charlie (chuckndrew@hotmail.com), March 08, 1999.

I am of the firm belief that 3rd edition 40k is just an excuse to make money!!!!! I tried the new rules for some time, but myself and four immediate mates that I battle against all have agreed to continue fighting using the old 2nd edition rules. 3rd edition should have been a supplement if you desired to fight a larger battle. Please everyone, continue using 2nd edition rules!!!!!!!!!!

-- banzai samurai (jade-u@usa.net), April 08, 1999.

The new rules are ok but i have some major issues with them. 1. Why the ---- can genstealers penetrate terminator armour automatically. atleast give us a 5 or 6+ save. nothin is that sharp especiall in 15 man squads. 2. Why are there only 2 templates 1 small one the size of a ---- paper plate. ordance is unfair to close combat arnies. 3. i challenge anyone to find a major difference between the vetran squad of space marines and a tactical squad. besides a small leadership boost and choice of close combat weapon they r xactly the same. terminators r elites these guys are not.

-- Lord Cyborg (shannonja@msn.com), May 05, 1999.

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