I Need help locating a Congress Web site...

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I want ot find a web site that has a listing of all bills recently passed, and what is being submitted to be passed. I have heard of a few that have passed allready and I want to verify and find a site.

Anyone out there have a good site they can recommend?

-- muad'dib (muad'dib@blindprophet.com), October 19, 1998


CIO Coucil, US Federal Government Gateway for Year 2000 Information Directories. http://www.itpolicy.gsa.gov/mks/yr2000/y2khome.htm

-- Chris (Catsy@pond.com), October 19, 1998.

start with ed yourdon's resources list. all his government links are good ones.

-- Jocelyne Slough (jonslough@tln.net), October 20, 1998.

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