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I am wondering whether we can expect to have running water from our gravity fed water system post Y2K. I understand that the water purification may not function properly but if this were all turned off would we still be able to have water however contaminated it might be to run our toilets wash clothes etc. We could treat the water we drank for contamination ourselves. Anyone know the answer to this.

-- Hadassah Victor (, October 19, 1998


Hi, Hadassah My in-laws live in central B.C. ( I think I read that you do, too?) Anyway, as I understand it, their gravity fed water system uses a pump to pump water from the lake up to above the houses it supplies. My father-in-law was with the local volunteer fire department and knows far more than I do, but I understand that in their case, if the power doesn't fail, they'll be fine; if it does, well the lake is within walking distance. Whether your system is similar or not, you could likely find out by asking the local fire department. By the way, if you run into Chuck or Aileen, don't expect them to be y2k aware, but do say hi for me! Best wishes, Tricia

-- Tricia the Canuck (, October 19, 1998.

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