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Hello everybody. Your pets, dogs/ cats, horses, whatever, can provide you extra security and comfort,don't forget them. They need food, water, shelter & medicine. Dogs in exchange will protect you & their property. Cats hunt mice & other creepies, for fun. Horses of course are the backs this country was built on. Stock up on dog&cat food, for them. People should not eat dog food, they would get sick. Unless of course they pre-conditioned themselves before. There are catalogs, you can order animal meds.

-- Zara (, October 18, 1998


And don't, for heavens sake, drag an animal that has lived its entire life in a city apartment out into the country and turn it loose expecting it to survive like a farm dog or cat. If you really feel you must feed the coyotes, just toss a couple dead chickens down the hill - they will probably be gone before morning. And your pets will travel the same route. All farm pets have scars - but those scars were the price of respect from the local wildlife.

-- Paul Davis (, October 18, 1998.

AMEM to Zara and Paul! Please realize that these small lives (small compared to an adult human) can be of great assistance to those that show them some kindness (like giving them some food and affection). Think about it.

-- catlady (, October 18, 1998.

Learn to listen to the different bark tones of your dog. I know when there is a deer around my house or a visitor because the barks are different. My cat's ears perk up and she leaps around when someone or something is around. They are good alarmists! I have also trained my dog to go after buzzards and hawks (to keep my chickens safe), but the funny thing about is, she even goes after airplanes and helicopters, she can't distinguish between the two.

-- Bardou (, October 19, 1998.

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