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I was given a 104 note anglo concertina as a gift. it is made by Patek concertina company of chicago and came with a book by henry silberhorn that is stamped by the patek music store also of chicago. the books copyright is 1926. It plays a diferent note pulling then pushing. it is square with leather handles and is beutifully inlaid mostly with grey faux mother of pearl and is in nearly perfect working order. I have searched in vain for any one who has ever seen one or knows any thing about it. I would apreciate any info or ideas on instruction. the book I have is dificult and dated but I have managed to learn by rote some chords enough for a lot of fun and some of the fingering. It is quite complex and I can't figure out why the keys are laid out how they are. They don't seem to relate the way you would expect. Anyone?

-- Kevin O'Boyle (sweetsfalls@juno.com), October 17, 1998


104 note concertina

Are you sure you don't have a Bandoneon? It is a push/pull like an anglo, but is often lmuch larger and has a large number of buttons. They are used a lot in Brazil. I have two...and they put out a lot of volume. Unfortunately, I haven't yet learned to play them.

-- Wayne (wallen328@aol.com), February 19, 2001.

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