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I wanted to point out to the group that Mr. Yourdon will have a column in the November issue of ComputerWorld. It's an excellent article. You can find a link in the first paragraph of Ed's homepage.

In a climate where (in literally just a month) a few of the original 'doomsayers' themselves have retreated and gone soft without any evidence of a change in the scope and magnitude of the problem, I applaud Ed because he and his daughter have always presented well balanced, thoughtful information.

In my mind, this builds credibility.

The approach that "Y2k ad the Corporate Citizen" takes is the responsible course. I hope and pray that the message will hit home.

Yet, in this new climate of retreatism, I do have my fears that complacency will become the norm. It's my belief that there is a fear of "doomsday" out there and it is shared by both the regular citizen and those with the "power". I think that what we're beginning to see is panic from those in "power". It's a panic about the possibility of panic. In a way, it allows all of us to see what kind of power we have.

Mr. Yourdon's article makes it clear that if the Corporations of America are truthful and act with the best interests of the community in mind, the effects of Y2k will be eased. I hope they listen.

Thank you again Mr. Yourdon. Please, extend my thanks to your daughter as well for the excellent book. My best to you and your family. _______________________________________________________

-- Michael Taylor (, October 17, 1998


Yep, Anita, I think you're right about that.

Mike _____________________________________________________________________

-- Michael Taylor (, October 19, 1998.

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