EOS speedlights fitted to a T-90, any user comment?

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Hi. Just got a used T-90 for my set of FD lenses. Great camera!.Love at first click. I have a chance now to buy a 300TL flash in fair looking condition for under 200.00 ( less the manual but what the heck).However, big however.. Came across a poop sheet today from Canon USA which asserts- in a short footnote- that the new EOS dedicated flash lineup, such as the 540EZ, will do just about all its tricks on the T-90. That's what it says. Since the price of used 300TL's has remained more solid than most European currencies ( smiley face) I am inclined to spring for a newer EOS model flash with its future EOS potential. Has anyone done this and can report back- used the 540EZ, say, on a Canon T-90.-?? I would be most grateful for any user feedback on the forum or via e-mail.( The Canon 540EZ sells brand new for about 300.00 in NYC mail order it seems. It looks one heck of a unit, maybe even too high tech for this old Vivitar 285H "ground squirrel" flash user)thanks in advance, FDers.

-- Gerry Siegel (veritas@aloha.com), October 16, 1998


Forget about using EOS flashes with T90. They aren't compatible, I was trying but it didn't worked well. I also asked at Canon and they said that T90 and EOS flashes aren't comatible.

-- Alan (alano@writeme.com), October 20, 1998.

I have been using an EOS EZ430 flash on my T90 for many years. It works perfectly well in A-TTL and TTL mode. The 2nd sync flash function was rewired for the EOS cameras so it doesn't work with the T90. I also use the 300TL regularly but prefer the EZ430 when I need faster recycling times.

Hope this helps.

Cheers, Hans

-- Hans H. Siegrist (hans.siegrist@fnis.ne.ch), October 21, 1998.

I did buy the used 300TL for under $200.00. Very satisfied with the purchase.No regrets It has some features that prove it is an integral part of the T/90 quote system concept. It is also robust enough that I think used ones are likely to work ok as mine does. Only nitpic is that there is no HV input as in later EOS models for the high voltage output of my Quantum Turbo, which is about 325V. On the other hand I can fit it with a Quantum Bantum or Quantum regular pack with a suitable adapter that fits into the 4 cell compartment.More bucks though ( Alas,I got spoiled with 2-3 sec recycle times:-)and AA cells can take up to 10 secs or more.)

-- Gerry Siegel (veritas@aloha.com), December 24, 1998.

I've used a Canon 430EZ strobe on my Canon T90 for many years doing newspaper photojournalism. The strobe worked flawlessly in TTL mode, but the on-strobe exposure compensation only works with the EOS cameras. I achieved great results on everything from portraits to fill flahing 3200 speed film on night football. A friend uses the 540EZ on his T90 with the same results. A Canon Pro Services tech confirmed for me that lots of pros still shooting the FD system are doing the same.

-- Rich Shveyda (rich1@smartlink.net), February 15, 1999.

Hi guys,

Why do you want to use an OEM dedicated flash anyway? I think all of these things are a major rip! What's wrong with your 285? If you want TTL functions and other niceties, why not get one of the more modern Sunpacks for 2/3 to half the price of an original Canon flash? Besides, with a proper module, you'll have no compatibility issues at all. Just a thought.


-- Alexander (alexo@interport.net), October 08, 2001.

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