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Can anyone tell me if Gary North's offer on the "flight to cash" has a problem in the server? I keep trying to request it and I get "cant create item", or "no response". I have tried this with 2 providers for ISDN at work and home for 3 days! If someone gets it can they please email me a copy? Thank you!

-- Paul Kaminski (, October 16, 1998


Maybe his server's having problems. I've noticed Gary didn't post anything new for the past 3 days, which is unusual.

-- Chris (, October 16, 1998.

ditto...keeps coming back and has for two days.He should be back from New Orleans convention tonight and I hope he fixes it.

Mike Lang

-- Mike Lang (, October 16, 1998.

I could not get through either. If anyone recieves the report could you send me a copy. Thanks.


-- DEANE WESTERN (DWEST10011@AOL.COM), October 18, 1998.

Today, I received a "returned mail" type e-mail message, saying that my message to request the document could not be sent. Any other experiences?

-- Jack (, October 19, 1998.

I tried, first attempt got a "message not delivered" response. 2nd try and I got an email telling me they had been trying to send it now for 8 hours and would continue to try, I need not do anything.

That was Friday. So far no "can't send" messages. If I get the report, I'll be sure to send it along :-)

-- Okum (, October 19, 1998.

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