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Several days ago, someone posted a notice about the Scat Packer, a way of disposing of human waste. They listed this URL:

This URL is for the FORMER owner of the business. It gives a good description of the product. To place an order, send a check for $100 plus $4 for shipping for the Scat Packer to:

Cashell Enterprises 2048 SE 74th Hillsboro OR 97123 503-848-6025

Use the URL above for product information only. Use this address to contact the vendor or to place an order.

-- David Holladay (, October 16, 1998


good lord, it's easy to make your own portable toilet. a couple small pieces of plywood, a couple short pieces of 2x4, a 5-gallon bucket with lid. for use, put heavy black plastic bag in bucket. when full, use your imagination as to how to dispose of it. my favorite idea right now is to put it outside to freeze and save it as a gift for the mayor/local authorities in your area. have some fun with this thing!

-- Jocelyne Slough (, October 17, 1998.

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