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If you have been considering buying a firearm or three as part of your self- protection preparations, you might want to get it done before too long. The 'new' Brady law comes into effect at the end of November and you may get to pay for the FBI background check the new law requires. The paranoid will not wish to have their names in yet another FBI database as well, especially one that IDs them as (shudder) rightwingparamilitaryextremisty2ksurvivalistkookwacko gunowners. See

for a bit more info, there are other sites that discuss this as well if you choose to look. Signs are being posted in all sporting goods outlets in my area at this time advising customers as to the details of the changes. A word to the wise might save you a few bucks (depending on your home state)- and keep your name out of the clutches of e-vil computers... if they don't have you already.

And if you are a first-timer, PLEASE get training from a qualified instructor, practice often, and be safe, be safe, be safe.


-- nemo (, October 15, 1998


The logical thing to do with rifles and pistols is to standardize on one size of ammo. This pretty much requires either 30 caliber or 44 or 45 caliber. But if your ammo can be transfered from one weapon to another, it means you won't run out of ammo for any one weapon, and will not have an expensive 'boat anchor' dragging around the house. Also, it is very cheap to buy a Lee Loader and 20 lbs of powder and a mold for making semi wad cutter bullets, also a couple thousand caps. Much cheaper than that many shells. And it gives you something to do if you do have a blackout in your area - you sure won't be watching TV.

-- Paul Davis (, October 16, 1998.

I have to respectfully disagree. You buy weapons based on your enviroment and situation. For example a long range hunting rifle would be highly impracticle in an urban situation where as a short range carbine or other weapon with a high capicity clip capability would be more suited. I have 4 different calibers at thee moment: .22 for small game hunting; .223 for medium range self defense (practical in a rural or urban environ);9 mm as a carry weapon for short range self defense; .357 for the home protection aspect. Build your weapon design up based on what you anticipate your needs will be. I am looking at it as more of a self defense aspect more than anything.

-- John Galt (, October 17, 1998.

Well, what about urban dwellers?

I have a female friend in the minneapolis area whos quite concerned about the whole thing. She's going to buy a remington special field 20 guage shotgun and a browning 9mm pistol. She knows something about shotguns, and the special field model seems to fit her well, and since she feels the need to have a semi automatic pistol, she tried a bunch of them. The Browning 9mm fits her best, and it has 13 rounds.

-- L.E. Keeney (, October 19, 1998.

Hubby is big into guns, has a S@W 357, Rueger 22, several shotguns, several rifle & reloads ammo himself. At a recent gun show he bought me a laser sight for the 22, that way he said all I had to do was put the little red dot where I wanted the bullet to go. Now I'm a pretty fair shot, but I like the laser sight because if I'm "in a hurry to take aim", I might more easily "miss" my mark, the laser should help. Just my .02.

-- Donna in Texas (, October 20, 1998.

Trying to dodge the Brady Law is irresponsible. In view of the chaos that Y2K is likely to bring, you should all be lobbying like crazy for a law like the one we have in the UK banning the private ownership of hand-guns and sod the Second Amendment. That will allow the forces of law & order to gun down anyone seen with a hand-gun in self defence, especially during food riots. The top priority for the American Government next year, after fixing the Y2K bugs, should be to gather up all those guns & crush them. Your murder rate is many times ours 7 it is entirely due to hand guns in the hands of so-called responsible people. The desire to own a gun is a disqualification from doing so. It's time the USA (a country I love & visit often) got real. K

-- Ken Baldry (, October 20, 1998.

Pressed for time, so short and sweet,

Baldry, are you a kook or what? You live in the UK, you are not an American, so you shush now about how we run this country. Us gun toting illogical Americans saved your ass more than once, and we have also kicked it more than once, why, pray tell, should we listen to you?

-- Uncle Deedah (, October 20, 1998.

Gotta fall in with Uncle on this...the murder rate in the US has far more to do with "culture of violence" than with gun laws. Prohibition does not eliminate fact it is demonstrated it creates more problems than it solves...

The US at least, and many other "nations" have reactionary functions where Laws are concerned...there is little foresight..most thoughts go toward "how can I get more votes from my fearful constituents?"

It is up to ever one of us to resist stupidity in all its various guises....If the government cannot give me an iron-clad guarantee that they can protect me, then I shall protect myself....after all that is how governments sell themselves, isn't it? If they can't...why do we keep supporting them? Be mature adults...don't look for politicians to make your decisions for you.

-- Donna Barthuley (, October 20, 1998.

March on Uncle Deedah!

Ken, our country is much larger than yours, has more people than yours, and what we do is none of your d@mn business.

What percentage of YOUR money goes to the govt by way of taxes?

-- areseejay (, October 20, 1998.

just re-read my post... was not trying to threaten Ken or Great Britain.

what I was trying to say was... more people = more problems.

however, what we do is still none of your d@mn business.

-- areseejay (, October 21, 1998.

In the ultimate gunless society, the crime rate dwarf's any country you care to name.

It is places like Marion, Leavenworth,.......

-- Chuck a Night Driver (, October 21, 1998.

Commenting on several of the posts here--

I've read that 20 ga. is inadequate for self-defense, nothing lighter than 16 ga. with buckshot is recommended. 20 ga. lacks range and runs the risk of just irritating the other guy.

Concur with instruction and practice/practice/practice. If you ever need whatever gun you've got, you want to be used to it beforehand.

Regarding strict gun control, confiscation, etc. recommended by Ken Baldry, beg to advise that the horse is already out of the barn here. Literally MILLIONS of weapons of all types are in individual hands in this country.

Chuck the Night Driver is right on the crime rate in prisons -- but you gotta admit that's a handpicked population, maybe a little skewed in that direction already.

I figure a stack of bodies on my doorstep, or in the yard, or draped over the razor wire, would only persuade the next bunch that I had something reeely worth while behind the door. After a while I'd run out of ammo. And there'll always be a next bunch.

There's gotta be another way.

-- Tom Carey (, October 21, 1998.

Sheesh, all this stuff is scary. BUT I refuse to be in denial. My husband is going today to buy a .380 handgun (our first) and we soon will buy another. He was in the Army for 11 years and is well-versed in careful weapon handling. I, on the other hand, have never shot anything but a BB gun when I was 9, and I am/have been quite anti-gun until now, that is. We are STRICTLY doing this for self-defense. I have a daughter to think about. I am taking a 2 day course on handling, safety and am getting lots of practice in at a range. We are also getting a safe to keep them in.

Now, as far as the Brit's comments, hey lay off him. I may be idealistic, but I've always wished the gun was never invented. And has anyone ever watched Cops when they have filmed it in London? BIG difference!!!

BTW, we live in a suburb of Dallas...I think it is going to get hairy. K.

-- K. Heckert (, October 22, 1998.


If it's not too late I suggest you NOT start with a .380 auto. Revolvers are much better for beginners and people who are not and never will become "gun people" (no putdown intended, but if you don't spend the time to 'groove' the proper actions into muscle memory- about 4000 reps- you DON'T need a semiauto). There are too many 'buttons' to worry about if you are not going to devote a good deal of time to learning gunhandling so you won't screw up under pressure (dropping the magazine instead of taking off the safety for example).

If money is a problem there are a good number of well maintained police trade-in service revolvers on the market now since so many PD's have gone over to autos. A good .357 Magnum with a 4" barrel is not to be sneered at, even loaded with .38 Specials if the magnums are too much. Find a gun-wise friend and get some in-person help- advice is free and might not be the best for your situation (this included). Or HIRE the help if you have to, to be sure you get what you need. Do get a good lockbox to store the piece in as well- several kinds are available. This will help keep it out of untrained hands. If you have kids, remember- you can gunproof kids by teaching them what they need to know (like drownproofing) but you CANNOT kidproof guns no matter how well you hide them.

And I say again- practice, practice, practice and be safe be safe be safe.

Much luck,


-- nemo (, October 22, 1998.

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