CNN Story Oct 15: Y2K's the Name, Potential Chaos the Game" : LUSENET : Self Reliance : One Thread

CNN Story on Y2k aired today Here's the transcript: "Y2K's the name, potential chaos is the game. "

Gail Shaffer, who is executive editor of "PC Magazine." J.C. Herz, author of "Surfing the Internet," and also digital media critic for "The New York Times." Michael McNally works out of Washington D.C., where he is president of the National Air Traffic Controller's Association. All the way across the country, Moira Gunn joins us from San Francisco. She is host of the syndicated radio show "Tech Nation," and once upon a time she was a computer scientist for NASA.

(and Paul Milne, representing the "survivalists")

-- Freedom (, October 15, 1998

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