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How about making a set of greeting cards to be mailed in the last quarter of 1999, with a message like "if the phone lines go dead, power is out, mail service stops, UPS is out, and the planes are not flying, I'm still thinking of you and will re-contact you when I can".

You can make other versions like "take my stash, and I will blow your head off" for people you are not so fond of.

Any other ideas for greeting cards?

-- David Holladay (, October 14, 1998


Hey David, Great Idea for the cards,may I suggest a picture of Dick Clark at Time Square, when you open the card it's black ! Or a picture of Earth during the nite from space and on the inside of the card a siluette of the shape of earth,w/ OOPS on the inside. Should you use them send me 10% of what you make..

-- Furie (, October 14, 1998.

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