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"CIO's say better safe than sorry when preparing for the millenium"

SanDiego OCT. 7, PR Newswire-- A new CIO KnowPulse(SM) poll reveals less than 1/3 (29%) of the world's top technology executives believe the year 2000 problem will be solved in time for the millenium. The pole of 330 executives--many charge with solving their own Y2K problem--indicates the Y2K bug is not simply a business problem but an issue for which government officials and consumers must prepare. The KnowPulse poll was deployed October 5, 1998 at a CIO Perspective conference in SanDiego."

The whole story at

If this doesn't convince the skepticals, nothing ever will.

-- Chris (, October 14, 1998


Don't underestimate the power of Y2K denial! We have recently seen the mainstream press articles that also describe how Wisconsin and Iowa are gearing up their National Guards for Y2K. But I don't think it has made much difference to John Q. Public yet.

-- Jack (, October 14, 1998.

If you're interested, there is an overview of the CIO Perspectives conference at the Ernst & Young site at - though there's no follow-up with the conference proceedings yet. What I also found interesting was the fact that management maestro Peter F. Drucker was also a speaker. Boy howdy, would I like to hear his comments on this management failure we call "Y2K". You could probably roast a side of beef from the heat!

-- Mac (, October 14, 1998.

The Manager of Information Services for my city was quoted in the local weekly paper as she spoke at city council meeting I attended. She was asked, "Are you storing food and water?" She said (quoted in paper) "I don't see the need to panic. We have implemented changes needed and tested them. We know they will work. There are problems with their party vendors but we are working towards solutions in that area." (area? you mean like water distribution in the event of no electricity to the city?..."doing my best imitation of Gary North comments) quote finishes with.

"I expect the year 2000 will come and go just like yesterday."

And we all feel so much better, and the city council has yet to respond to my call and offer to spearhead city-wide community/neighborhood awareness campaign. (sigh)

-- Donna Barthuley (, October 14, 1998.

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