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Hello, Do the newer FD lenses that were introduced with the new F-1N work with the old Mechanical (1st style) F-1?



-- Joe marietta (, October 14, 1998


Yesiree,Joe. The Canon FD mount remained unchanged since FD mount- style lenses came out in 1970.( Meaning all the pins and stuff couple with the appropriate levers in the camera.) Even most of the earlier FL series lenses can be fitted,incidentally, with some loss of camera coupling for full aperture metering,- which goes beyond your question but is comforting to know I hope. The New FD mount you speak of is basically the same as the old FD in diameter and mechanical configuration, but has a clever way of imitating a bayonet mount lens. It snapfits on instead of need to rotate a collar. They both fit all the FD breech mount SLR cameras; from the T-90 model back in the mists of time to .. oh..late 1960's Bell and Howell/Canon SLR models, as I recall.

-- Gerry Siegel (, October 16, 1998.

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