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I just came across this site - its pretty cool Zwaxy.

Anyway, I decided to download a few .inp files but they don't check out properly. I'm using the Win 32 version of Mame does this make a difference ?

Specifically I was downloading the Gunsmoke .inp files but the guys dies after 6000 points. I removed my hi score files to play back the .inp but still no good.

I don't want to record my own .inp files and send you them if you can't play them back for verification of scores. Of course you could just believe my scores ;)

I'm about to download Mame beta 4 for dos and see if that solves my problem.

Anyway guys, I think its a cool idea and once I get my .inp files working i'll join in. Be a while before I clock 1K points :)

GOD Inc.

-- Dave Hunt (, October 13, 1998


You often need to playback with the version recording was made with.

Especially there are often inconsistencies between the Mame32 and the MameDos versions even at the same release level. That's why the uploads all have the version of Mame they were recorded under.

Zwaxy, Maybe another group of radio buttons is in order to choose whether the Dos or Win32 version was used to record the replay (or Mac, Amiga, UniX etc etc...... ;-))

-- BeeJay (, October 13, 1998.

MAME32 & Input Files

In the past, there were inconsistencies between the the Win32 and the DOS version as far as recording/playback goes. However, I sent a note to the developers pointing out the trouble. They kindly fixed the problem, and as of MAME32 b34b2, I no longer believe there are compatability problems between the two.

I record all of my games using the Win32 version and have had no troubles verifying them with the DOS version or verifying at least three dozen other input files downloaded from this site. I've also verified half a dozen of my Win32 recordings using the UNIX version at work. (Gasp! MAME at work?? Don't tell!)

My experiences show that it is probably much more important to have the same version of MAME regardless of platform and that specifying a platform during submission may not be necessary.

If you're a Win32 user, get the lastest beta! ;-)


-- Thunky (, October 13, 1998.

They are more compatible now......

Thunky, I have to agree with you that they are better since 34b2 version of Mame32........ in fact I do use Mame32 for a lot of my playback confirmations as I seem to have problems with any filenames over 8 characters for the Dos version.... now I wonder why that is ?! ;-))

Cheers, BeeJay.

-- BeeJay (, October 13, 1998.

That email message was smokin.......

The email advising me someone (me) had posted on this thread made it through to me just prior to IE finishing repainting the screen !!!!


-- BeeJay (, October 13, 1998.

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