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say it aint so!

-- ed (, October 13, 1998


Art and his wife were on vacation in Africa last week... he was on last night as usual.

I did try to bring up his website though and had a problem... where did you hear this?


-- Michael Taylor (, October 13, 1998.

Sorry Ed! When I read the forum I go to "New Answers," and yours didn't have one yet, so it wasn't there. I didn't see your question before I posted mine or I would have posted on your thread. There is a link to MSNBC there if you want to read it.

-- Gayla Dunbar (, October 13, 1998.

Art Bell has quit his radio show as of Monday nights program. He announced it in the last 5 minutes of the show. You can hear a clip at

Obviously, being the person who has done more to alert people to the Y2K dangers with Gary North, Joel Skousen and Ed Yourdon interviews, he was a marked man..... :)


-- Brad Waddell (, October 14, 1998.

This url claims to have all the answers but the page will not load!

This is really strange. ml

-- yada (, October 16, 1998.

The page works (and loads OK). The previous posting had a space between the "ht" and the "ml" at the end of the URL. Here is a link (click here) or if you wish to type it in yourself it is: ml

-- Hardliner (, October 16, 1998.

Bell's website says he will make a statement to his listeners on the Monday night Coast to Coast show. Not returning; just making a statement. See for more info.

-- Faith Weaver (, October 16, 1998.

went to the site reccomended, got TRANSFER INTERRUPTED! WHAT GIVES?

-- ed (, October 17, 1998.

The site will NOT load. Keep getting transfer interrupted about half way thru the article.

If anyone from another country(not the usa) can load the page would you please convert the article to text and post here.


-- yada (, October 18, 1998.

Herewith two VERY LONG entries in the Art Bell Question. BOTH are qualified as opinion, or so I feel


OPTIONS FOLKS reprints from the Art Bell site and two others Pay and choose again!!!

OOPS the TRV results did'nt make it but suggest that Art has gone through a life redefining event and will be back in better form etc,

(URL =

rom AB Site: UPDATE 10/17/98 - Art will make a statement this Monday night at the opening of the program. Then Hilly Rose will guest host the show for the remainder of the week. (As stated in the press release below.) There is encouraging news to be able to suggest, from the most recent press release from Premiere, that Art could be returning in a short while. While I've not been told of any specific date of return, it has been suggested in the Richard Hoagland statement, Art will be returning. We will have to still wait and see if he really does. No decision has officially been made yet. Let's wait until Monday night. Art probably won't be able to tell us the reasons yet, so please don't bug him to tell. He will tell us when he can, like he stated last Monday night. I'm personally hoping for his return by Oct 30th, for Ghost to Ghost! One of the best shows of the year for me. I do not know anything more than what I post here, please don't ask for any more details, I don't have them to give out. I do check with Art to dispell the rumors, but that's all I got. Keep checking here for updates. UPDATE 10/16/98 - Latest Press Release from Premiere Radio Networks: Premiere Radio Networks Statement to the Press Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell Dreamland with Art Bell October 16, 1998, Kraig T. Kitchen, President/COO of Premiere Radio Networks today announced, "Premiere Radio Networks will continue to distribute both Art Bell's Coast to Coast and Dreamland programs in the regularly scheduled time slots. For a short duration, Art has requested special guest hosts to do his show. On October 19, veteran talk radio broadcaster Hilly Rose will be the first of several potential guest hosts. The program's tradition of including knowledgeable guests will continue during this period. Art Bell will make a statement to his listeners during the first hour of his broadcast on Monday October 19 on Coast to Coast with Art Bell."

One person's opinion: That "Threatening Terrible Event" Art Bell Mystery Solved

by Ignatius Graffeo Ufoseek, Editor October 15, 1998 I believe it's time we all realize that the issue of Art Bell quitting has absolutely NOTHING to do with any conspiracy, blackmail, personal or health related problem or earth changes, asteroid or solar flare danger, or any physical threat or harm coming to Art or members of his family by the secret government, stalker, or some dark secret being exposed from his past. It's fun to eulogize or demonize Art, and he deserves mostly all the respect he is being given. But the REAL REASON is the merger of Jacor with Clear Channel Communications ("threatening terrible events" = Jacor a year ago, and Clear Channel just last week). Art Bell did as any self-respecting person would do after very likely being told he would have to compromise his program format and that he would no longer have full artistic and creative control over the content and guests on his show. He QUIT! This is the issue, plain and simple. The Internet thrives on speculation and rumor. Unfortunately, this sometimes does a great disservice to truth and only muddles the issue and obscures clear thinking. Media feeds on disinformation and this in turn fuels public interest and generates ratings. Art Bell has done much to popularize the UFO issue and is a pioneer in this respect. Any high profile personality will have their fans and detractors. This is what freedom of speech is about. In any search for truth, you must look at the bigger picture and who stands to gain or lose in a situation. Clearly, Art Bell did not want to give "details" in his announcement since he was in contract "negotiations" and did not want to jeopardize his position with Clear Channel Communications by naming them outright as the "threatening terrible event" that he cites in his last minute dramatic on-the-air announcement. Art will return. PSI TECH Special Report - The Primary Cause of Art Bell's Radio Show Departure

See this URL

-- Chuck a Night Driver (, October 19, 1998.

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