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I saw the marathorn last saturday night too, and it's the first time I saw the longer episodes. I have seen shorts of Aeon 3 years ago in Hong Kong(we have MTV channel back then), and I was so excited to see Aeon again last saturday(like seeing an old lost friend). I've decided to get the box set(it's really worth buying), but I don't want to buy via the net. Does anyone know a reliable source for the Box Set, like DON'T go to so and so as they definitely WON'T have it. Should I go to Tower Records? or Virgin Megastore in San Fran? I don't want to waste my time searching for it as I don't have a car.(btw, I don't live in downtown)

-- Sadie (, October 13, 1998


If you have a "Suncoast Video" store nearby, i recommend there. But i think anyplace you go to should be able to order it for you if they do not currently have it in stock.

-- Eric (, October 13, 1998.

I bought a copy a week ago at the Virgin Megastore in the TV section. I imagine you can buy it in most CD/Entertainment stores with a Television Video selection, especially now that the holidays are upon us.

-- Cree (, December 04, 1998.

newbury comics also carries the Fon videos.

-- Owen Black (, December 04, 1998.

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