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Does anyone know the current address for Des Parker? We are organinsing a 20 year reunion for Kingswood students and would like toi invite him.

Thanks, Peter

-- Peter Batchelor (, October 12, 1998


I have some contacts at Kingswood who may be able to pass on the info you require. I don't have an address currently.

-- Catherine Scott (, October 12, 1998.

Have you tried riging St.Paul's College in Warrigul? He was a Principal there for awhile I know for fact. I suppose that others of you would've known this already, but I thought I'd give the info a go anyway. Good Luck. (I cut my teeth on his GraphComm texts in the mid- 80's, as a student teacher, and I still have his blackcover texts.)

Jon Nelson

-- Jon Nelson, husband of Judy @ monash (, January 27, 1999.

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