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Hi, I was wondering what i should get for 30$, i need a good army, please help, van be any team

-- Ryan Quinn (UseThe4rce@Aol.Com), October 12, 1998


when i first started i used the space wolves.... they are pretty easy to use(to me).....but since the new starter box and all they other stuff came out sat i don't knkow if they've changed or what....personally i think you need to save for a starter box.... you get the 288pg rule book, 10 marines, land speeder, 10-20(?) dark eldar, templates and other things to use.... this is my sugestion... there are others who know about it better than i.

-- kain (, October 12, 1998.

if you want to collect space marines...(a good starter army) could get the attack force box thats just come out..'terminator squad,bike squad, tactical squad and landspeeder for #40..(not sure of the us price...sorry..) and buy the rule book separate.....there will be other boxed starter sets coming out over then next few months....the next is the dark eladr...due in about 4 weeks...... if you need any other advice leave another note.... greyknight...

-- darkchild (, October 12, 1998.

$30.00 is not a lot when it comes to playing 40k, but i might suggest trying the Eldar army or any Space Marine. they are the easist to play in a small battle and if you start building both they can be used together as allies thus building two armies at the same time and using them together.

-- RUSS (RTV@SPACECST.NET), October 16, 1998.

The poor boy's deluded. For thirty bucks go get a couple of space marine boxed sets, the new tactical squad. They're simple and straightforward to use. Better still though, save some more money and buy a copy of the rulebook. Read the rules and then decide which army suits you. Buying any other army is going to be pointless if you don't really fit in with them. Just try to avoid Chaos, Dark Angels and Eldar. They get really complicated at any level.

-- death incarnate (, October 16, 1998.

Dont Start with Orks or IG. They are kickbutt armies but: For 578pts You can get 9 squads, 3 command squads, and a command HQ. Think of how long it will take to collect even a small army like that? similar with orkys. then again, i started with orkys (old rules tho)......

-- Gargstud (, February 05, 1999.

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