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I've posted below a portion of an article that ran in The Fayetteville newspaper concerning programmer raids. This can't be good for the ones losing the programmers. Keep in mind, this city is home to (I think I'm right on this next one) the largest US military base in the world.

<<<<<< Sunday, Oct. 11, 1998

Government Roundup

Y2K problem has county, programmers scrambling

By Kim Nilsen and Laura Kinsler Staff writers Cumberland County is working to head off the Y2K computer problem, but its losing programmers to companies scrambling to meet the same deadline.

In one month, other industries hired away 30 percent of the countys programming staff, Howard Smith told the county commissioners Monday. Smith is the countys information services director. Commissioner Billy King had asked for a briefing on the computer date dilemma.

Everyone is trying to get computers to recognize the year 2000. Without repair, some computers will read 2000 as 1900 when the millennium turns because the original programmers didnt plan for the 19 to roll to 20. Its a glitch that could bring work to a halt.

All of the countys personal computers have been corrected or will be replaced before that date, Smith said.

-- Greg Sugg (, October 12, 1998


It's no wonder. People have no idea of the crap we put up with. Check out this link and you will begin to get some idea of why programmers and LAN administrators are not loyal to any organization. Even better - look at Scott Adams website - he used to have a space for real memos and stupid stuff that actually happened to engineers and programmers.

-- Paul Davis (, October 12, 1998.

As one of the over 40 group that Matloff refers to, I have to agree that for me to find a permanent position would be almost impossible.

I have also worked for a consulting company that imported people from India and literally these people were like slaves, being paid very little(while the company charged the customer a bundle) and having green cards held as bait.

I have been a consultant for most of my career since I started later than most. Yes I job hopped to get the skills I needed and being a consultant allowed me to do that. Also if a company needs a consultant, they usually don't care about age, they just want the job done. The down side to consulting is having periods of being out of work while looking for the next contract and having no paid time off and paying for your own medical benefits. In return, I ask for a lot more money than I could get in a permanent position and get it.

HOWEVER, I am getting tired of trying to keep up with the whiz kids (and fixing their "brilliant" programs). I want to have a life outside of my career, so like others, with less than 15 years in the business, I plan to quit within 2 years (if Y2k doesn't do it for me).

-- beckie (, October 12, 1998.

I started out in the data processing industry when the year was represented by a SINGLE digit in a punched card. When I hit the "magic number" (40), I was cast aside by an industry and a society that either didn't know, didn't care or did it on purpose (actually I think it was, and is, a combination of all three). I WILL NOT lift a finger to alter what is to come via Y2K. Let some "human relations" (what an oxymoron!) dweeb fix it!

-- Granny (what@goesaround.etc), October 12, 1998.

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