When is the show currently on mtv? (posted 11/10/98)

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When is the show currently on mtv? I saw it saturday night (10/10/98) at around 1:30 am, but when else is it on? I just saw it for the first time, and I think this is the coolest show to ever exist in terms of sci-fi. I think that I will buy the licensing to this someday and hire new animators and continue this, even if its just for my own personal benefit. :P Anyway, please lemme know when the show's on. I live on the east coast, btw.

-- Randall Feuerlein (godlike42@aol.com), October 11, 1998


Its not. It hasn't been on a regular airing scehedule since the third season in 95. After the ten episodes aired, they played reruns for the rest of the program year, and then it vanished. Mtv only only airs it in marathons now.

-- ChaosKnight (hellfire@surfshop.net), October 12, 1998.

THIS IS GREAT!! PEOPLE ARE GETTING INTO AEON AGAIN!! for all of you newcomers, there are 3 videos that you can buy which include all the Aeon Flux episodes from its three seasons. I encourage you all to write to MTV...multiple times..... demanding new episodes!

I love it! Rock on!


-- Owen Black (Ob200bpm@aol.com), October 12, 1998.

Everyone I know thinks I am psychotic. Thank god I am not the only one who finds AEON sooooo intresting. It just amazes me. The first time I saw it I was GLUED to the TV. I was also very very scared...it was in 95- I was only 12. Can you imagine how that can scar a child? LOL Well I don't ask for much but all I want is to see AEON more then twice a year when they have marathons. PLEASE PLEASE WRITE TO ME IF U KNOW WHEN IT RUNS! Ps-> I just ordered the first 2 videod from Amazon.com

:o) -Nelli

-- Nelli Anastasia (KiSa15@aol.com), November 26, 1998.

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