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Hi, everybody.

I was absolutely fascinated by Aeon Flux which I saw on Oct. 11th, 98 for the first time. I think that what makes the show so mesmerizing is the awesome chemistry between Trevor and Aeon (if one can talk about "chemistry" with respect to cartoon characters), their ever-changing relationship and, most importantly, their incredible complexity. That's what gives them this unique unpredictability, a rare quality in real life and very much unheard-of on TV. I was further amazed at how such depth could be revealed in any one of the episodes I saw.

For a while, I felt almost trapped in the maze Trevor and Aeon's psyche... The only other show with characters similarly cold yet charismatic and driven and seductive that Aeon Flux reminds me of is The X-Files.

The plots are very imaginative, but oftentimes seem to take a second place to the Trevor-Aeon interaction. I didn't always understand what was going on, but maybe I wasn't supposed to, or maybe I will if I watch the entire series or someone explains it to me :).

I guess, that's my first impression. Thanks for listening!

-- Dmitry Chernikov (, October 11, 1998


i always thought that not understanding most or all of what was going on was the whole point... to create the feeling of say a person from biblical times trying to make sense of TV, electricity, cars, etc...(as i recall in the old testament, they didn't make much sense of the rocket ships or saucers or whatever they were the "gods" arrived in)...take the original star trek: space hippies, space mini-skirts...or space:1999 w/its space bellbottoms...or happy days for that matter... 50's setting with 70s hair-cuts...i think the future should be somewhat incomprehensable... technology, motives, conflicts, what's alive, what isn't alive etc...and i think mr chang is just having fun confusing us...i dont have to watch so what does he care...but i do enjoy aeon flux...and i dont take it that seriously---stolf---

btw...does the letter that is an a and an e squished together have a name? o and e also?.. any others formed that way?...and wasn't there an island or something in greek mythology called aeaea?...thanx!...

-- mark john astolfi (, October 12, 1998.

I think the confusing nature of Aeon Flux allows the viewer to really concentrate on the characters. It's not about WHAT Aeon and Trevor are doing, but WHO they are. I think the action and plot are usually answered by the supporting characters.

-- Spirit (, October 12, 1998.

About the keying of the f character - it's an archaic formation used in Latin to indicate an a-e dipthong - in other words, it looks just like it sounds. You've probably seen it before, for example, in the title of Julius Cfsar. To reproduce the effect on your computer, punch alt-1-4-5 for the lowercase: f or alt-1-4-6 for the uppercase: F.

-- Charles Martin (, October 15, 1998.

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