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I teach High school photo, I have played with 4x5. I recently got a an Omega d-2 4x5 coldlight enlarger that needs some restoration. Is there some place to get information or parts? Mainly I need a bellows and some neg carriers, both of which I could fabricate but would rather not. . Tips on aligning it, eg. an owner's manual, would be nice too.

I know this is mainly a camera discussion site, so info on a better place to look is also welcome. I really look forward to working with this enlarger and a camera, but one step at a time!


Larry Parker

-- Larry Parker (, October 10, 1998


Larry, pick up a copy of View camera magazine, there are several camera repair people and bellows makers advertising in there, most notably Steve Grimes for repairs and Western bellows for, well, bellows. Most good sized used dealers will carry neg carriers and lens boards for the D series of enlargers. You will probably want to replace the foam seals as well. the zig align tool works well for realigning.

Hoping this helps,

Ellis Vener

-- Ellis (, October 10, 1998.


You also may want to get ahold of Harry Taylor of Classic Enlargers. His web address is: or by e-mail:

Harry rebuilds Omega enlargers, particularly the old classics like the D-2, D-3, and D-4. He stocks most of the parts you mentioned, including the bellows for a D-2.

Good luck getting your D-2 working again.

Tom Gould

-- Tom Gould (, October 11, 1998.

My partner and I recently ordered some D-2 lens boards and carriers from Columbus (Ohio) Camera. They have a web site under that name. We were very impressed -- hard black anodizing and very nicely finished for about $30 each. We are still looking for bellows too. Will keep you advised.

-- Tony Brent (, October 16, 1998.

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