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I've recently finished writing a Warhammer 40,000 film script . It's about three hundred pages long , and it centers around the Space Marines , Eldar and IG going to war with the Chaos marines . It's very violent , much of the killing seems like D-Day did in Saving Private Ryan . Besides this , I think it's pretty good . Who here thinks I should try to publish it ? Who here thinks I'm lying ? Cause I'm not .


-- Lion'El'Jonson (duvlady@pacbell.net), October 10, 1998


You could try......although in recent years workshop has been aproached by top film companys wanting to make a film...including fox......GW has always turned them down .....this is due in part to two reasons.

1. Gamesworkshop wishes to hold on to the license and rights to all there products and copyrights......any film production company would as a matter of cause buy this off a prospective writer...(so they can merchandise it as they wish......1 ft bendy plastic spacemarines? i think not( also the apeal of the product would soar and then plumit within a year...look at the other stuff...alien dolls..powerrangers.....etc..etc..etc..) GW has been producing games now for 20 years WITHOUT advertising....not bad when you think they have 200 stores world wide and gross about 14 million per year...).

2. no film company has yet come forwrd with a budget that comes near to what gw thinks it would take to make the movie what it should be....top class actors...amazing fX....etc etc...what they dont want is a second class film that ruins the great image and background of the game.

and......remember the storm of protest about star ship troopers (imperial guard Vs tyranids.........dont you think!(cool film though)) being to totalitarian....imagine the 40,000 universe! S.t is a sweet puppy dog of a place compared to the 41st millenium..... still that said if people dont try and dont send in scripts then the film will NEVER be made...personaly i want it made! so GO FOR IT! lets face it they can say no.....but they also may say YES! Good luck GREYKNIGHT

-- darkchild (greyknight@netscape.net), October 10, 1998.

The name's Ra, Maugan Ra - SOUNDS GOOD!!!

-- The happy buzza squig (j.g-b@virgin.net), October 11, 1998.

Hmm i have been thinking that a 40k movie would be pretty cool but then again theres a good chance the movie people would mess everything up too....

good luck.

-- (Stip-e@juno.com), October 12, 1998.

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