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I just saw a major story on CNN Headline News that was well balanced and even had Senator Bennett saying worst case scenario was no power, no telcom and no water. Also, it showed community action meetings, a minister in a church talking about the problem and how a women in Santa Rosa California is preparing. The report did use the word apocolypse once that I remember which put me off.

Did anyone else see it?


-- Michael Taylor (, October 10, 1998


Saw it. The more of these blurbs I watch, the more I get the sense that these reports aren't being dismissive, but throwing out the topic to see what comes back. There isn't any in-depth reporting yet, but that's probably because JQP isn't asking for it. As soon as one major player does a story that catches fire, the media will be all over it.

-- margie mason (, October 10, 1998.

Yes, and then the bank runs will begin, the generator runs, the food runs..etc...etc. Might as well do your part now and spare yourself the trouble later.

-- Dave (, October 10, 1998.

Didn't see it, Michael. When was it? Today? Last nite? Maybe they'll repeat it. Thanks for the post.

Forget about the lines beginning-----they've begun. I monitor a lot of the web sites and other forums. The least expensive product lines have already backed up, e.g.,China Diesel generators, Walton Feeds, several other food storage distributors, are backed up. The LDS Canneries have closed to non-members in some places and have a waiting list for canning slots in others. Homestead is out of the aluminum Alladin lamps (Watchman), Lehman's is backordered on a lot of stuff, hand grinders for grain are back ordered.

The more expensive stuff is still available, e.g., freeze dried food, more expensive generators, the most expensive Alladin lamps. For how long? If you don't have stuff of this nature by January 1, 1999, you may not get it, or you might have to be very creative.

God luck, everyone.

-- rocky knolls (, October 10, 1998.

Here is an article about the piece. You can also watch the video clip if your computer has that capability:

-- Gayla Dunbar (, October 11, 1998.

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