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Uncle Deedah:

Thanks for the inspiring quote by Woodrow Wilson. It was very uplifting in this time of psychological unrest. The quote provided for me the courage to keep my dreams alive amidst the unsettling obstacles. Y2k is such a mountainous obstacle unlike any other I've encountered. We must all prevail together as a global community. Thanks to Uncle Deedah, and Yourdon's Bulletin Board for allowing such a wonderful cyber community of compassion and idividuals with a wealth of knowledge and shared experience.


-- MC Davey (, October 10, 1998



I almost missed this post, gotta remember to check the new questions, from time to time. Glad I could help, I'm really a nasty evil man in the 'real' world, but for some reason I get sappy when online.

PS, when you hit the big time, and are looking for the next Harrison Ford, you know where to reach me.

-- Uncle Deedah (, October 14, 1998.

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