What is the best Y2K Safe Automobile???

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Can anyone out there tell me what is the best year automobile to get that would be Y2K safe? I mean by this one that would not have any chips whatsoever that might be effected. Any ideas? Also any ideas specifically with regards to 4 wheel drive vehicles as well. Is it as simple as saying anything prior to 1985 is ok? Or is there more to it...

I may be a Seer, but that doesnt mean I know anything about Auto Mechanics!

-- muad'dib Blind Prophet (muad'dib@blindprophet.com), October 10, 1998


I drive a Dodge Caravan, Chrysler. When I was at the dealership the other day there was a letter re: millenium bug from the head honcho re: embedded chips. The letter said that Chrysler has never used any embedded chips that use 2 digit date codes on board their vehicles. Can this be believed. What do you think?


-- Hadassah Victor (james_v@silk.net), October 10, 1998.

I just purchased a new 1998 Honda Civic. I requested and recieved a letter from Honda indicating that the computer chips in the car were not date sensitive and said that the car would have no problems with the century change.

I have recalled that Honda has a long history of always choosing mechanical components over electronic ones, even when they were more expensive. Ex: full time 4WD.

However, the letter does not indicate that the car was in fact tested for compliance, yet they assure that it is, which leaves the possibility of the Japanese mantra of saving face with the customer by stating compliance even when it is not known, but in this case, I feel satisfied.

I also purchased a new Toyota Rav4 having heard that Toyota indicated all of their cars are compliant, yet the letter I received from them was less sure, saying that they are looking into it...


-- Brad Waddell (lists@flexquarters.com), October 10, 1998.

Bicycle, horse and buggy, moped, go cart, shopping cart, hitchhiking, your feet with Nikes attached, and anything else that uses no gas or very little.

-- Bardou (bardou@baloney.com), October 11, 1998.

For the short answer, anything without fuel injection.(except for certain Alfa Romeos.) Your best bet, if you're looking for a 4wd vehicle is to ask a mechanic if it can be repaired by the side of the road. If it can, then it's ok. As far as "Date Sensitive" goes, MOST modern cars will not be affected. The ones that will be are the cars that are "High Line", such as your Cadillacs, Lincolns,etc. Go and check out some Gearhead sites. If you have any questions as to good Gearhead sites, E-mail me and I'll send you some good addresses. To be succinct: if it has a carburetor and points-type ignition, then it is compliant. Model T, anyone?

-- Damian Solorzano (oggy1@webtv.net), October 11, 1998.

Are any manufacturers saying with CERTAINTY that their cars/vans/trucks will be OK? That they've been tested and are compliant? Why the silence? I've got a new Caravan, also, and my dealership is totally ignorant (noone had ever asked them!).

Are there any manufacturers that have any info on Y2K at their web sites? I know that this is a crucial issue for a lot of people who don't think any other Y2K threats will effect them. If their car doesn't start, however, they'd be pretty upset. Frankly, for me, it's way at the bottom of my list, but I'd still like some definitive info.

-- Steve Hartsman (hartsman@ticon.net), October 11, 1998.

DCI's I.T. News HAD an article about automobiles, but now when you click on it this is what it says:

"Due to research and editing issues raised by our readers, we have pulled the article "Automobiles and the Millennium Bug" from Year 2000 Update. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause."

I'll watch for an updated version, but don't hold your breath.

-- Gayla Dunbar (privacy@please.com), October 11, 1998.

i heard info about this on a major chicago-area radio station a couple weeks ago. they said saturn was ok, japanese cars were basically ok, chrysler was basically ok, but that european cars, also ford and gm, had some major vehicle problems. i don't know WHERE they got this info. since my family has all chrysler products, including some OLD stuff, it would be nice to verify they're ok. so far no luck. as for the japanese car makers, if you trust anything they tell you about their vehicles' compliance, i have some farmland in florida to sell to you.

-- Jocelyne Slough (jonslough@tln.net), October 12, 1998.

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