Powerpoint presentation now over 160 slides

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I have added numerous quotes, a slide on fractional reserve banking, and updated other info.

If you need a version other than '95 or '97, please specify which version (3.0, 4.0, etc.)

-- Steve Hartsman (hartsman@ticon.net), October 09, 1998


Over 170 slides now. I have added the following quote:

The Y2K technology problem involves several dimensions and touches upon nearly every aspect of day-to-day business in the world. The efforts of emergency management and fire service organizations cannot be viewed as a substitute for personal responsibility and personal preparedness. Every organization and every individual, in public and private life, has an obligation to learn more about this problem and their vulnerability, so that they may take appropriate action to prevent a problem before it occurs. -Lacy Suiter, Executive Associate Director for Response and Recovery, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

-- Steve Hartsman (hartsman@ticon.net), October 14, 1998.

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