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Where can i find the defacto standards for distance of film back to ground glass etc... I have been looking into making my own 4x5 metal camera. Would appreciate any sources of technical details involved.

-- al (, October 09, 1998


Some information is on the page Also there are some other pages in WWW about View Camera construction (but from wood),I can not remember now. Have a nice time! Sergey.

-- Yarigin Sergey. (, October 09, 1998.

Measure a loaded film holder. The distance from the face of the film holder to the emulsion on the film is the EXACT distance the groundglass needs to be from the face of the filmback.

email me if you have questions regarding building a metal view camera. I am a machinist and large format camera manufacturer. I will answer any specific questions that I can.


-- Barry Young (, December 05, 1998.

Please note that the URL of my camera building site is now: The old site is not being updated.

-- Jon Grepstad (, August 24, 2000.

What you need is a copy of ANSI Z38.1.51-1951 This is the Dimensional information for Photographic Double Film Holders of the Lock-Rib Type. It will give you dimensions and tolerances for 2-1/4" x 3-1/4" upto 8" x 10" Holders. As for gg placement, you'll have to factor in the average film thickness you intend to use and make any necessary adjustments for a Fresnel brightening screen if you intend to put one between the gg and the lens. Good luck!

-- Robert A. Zeichner (, August 24, 2000.

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