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Has anyone seen the posting by Tony Keyes at There is an article under the title "y2k is the economy stupid".In the article Tony says that the government is considering closing the financial markets for the first 10 days of 2000. Also mentioned is government consideration of limiting withdrawal of money from banks in late 99. Can anyone verify any of this?

Mike Lang

-- Mike Lang (, October 08, 1998


The only official hint I saw regarding Tony Keyes' statement that markets might be closed in the first days of y2k is on NERC's "Status Report and Work Plan, Prepared for the United States Department of Energy". It's a 24 page pdf file, a presentation with graphs and key points. On the last page under contingency plans and under "DOE and Government" it states "feasibility of suspension of market activities", almost as if they had to sneak this one somewhere inconspicuously.


-- Chris (, October 09, 1998.

Thanks for the information Chris. Those things that have been discussed for months will become reality slowly. It is still frightening to hear about trading suspensions..the national guard etc. All this in one week and I guess it will just snowball from here. I'll need a bigger supply of acceptance as this develops. If the government is admitting these possibilities, then I wonder just how much is happenning behind the scenes.

-- Mike Lang (, October 09, 1998.

Indeed Mike. It's getting scarier by the day for me, as I find out more and more admitance from government and insdustry officials while digging out into thier websites. Here's one that Gary North just posted, from NERC again (read Gary's comment, IMO, he's got a good healthy dose of skepticism and grip on the situation and reads through the colored language and finds and highlights the facts for us.)

NERC's Y2K plan, where they explain the "weakest link" concept relating to the power grid and say "The industry will succeed or fail together in its readiness for Y2K."

An Gary North's latest comment on NERC's report to DOE: Chris

-- Chris (, October 11, 1998.

Gary North is my favorite bookmark. When I first became aware of the problem I read everything on his site. Thanks for the articles.. I read both. Gary really nailed the electric utilities today and they certainly deserve it. An ominous silence speaks very loudly in this case. Everything is predicated on electric being up and day by day I find myself with less and less optimism. There are certainly no facts to base hope on in this situation. I also remember reading Gary saying that, if one was new to discvering the problem, they had better become a quick study. Sometimes I am OK and at other times I see it all very clearly. At those times, like you, I am terrified. And sometimes I don't want to look.

Mike Lang

-- Mike Lang (, October 11, 1998.

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