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Help! I saw an episode of Aeon Flux a long time ago. My memory is very sketchy but I do remember:

1) Aeon is under water inside some sort of boat. 2) Aeon has to defeat a giant robot thing. 3) Aeon remembers something and has to abort her escape and turn back 4) Aeon has to defeat the giant robot thing again 5) Aeon, sadly dies because the water is flooding in and she didn't make it on time 6) The last scene is Aeon's face of despair and the camera draws slowly away.

Sorry about this folks, but can anyone tell me which episode this is? I think it's from Series 2, when she starts talking but still gets killed.


-- Mustapha Laverty (, October 07, 1998


That sounds like you're talking about the Ether drift theory. Aeon is trapped in the habitat, with is in an ocean of paralytic fluid. She, and came to help rescuse the boyfriend of one of her friends. Trevor Sabotages things, and Aeon accidentally knocks an egg on to some kind of seasoning salt or something in the dining area. It turns into this green enzyme like substance that begins eating the habitat. While Aeon trys to find the key to the neutralizer, which will turn the Paralytic Fluid back to water, the boyfriend dies of a bacterial infection. Trevor's Cyborg assitant was attacked by metal craving insects, and he convinces aeon's friend to bond with him in this machine that will combine their bodies, and allow them to move through the fluid uninhibited. Aeon trys to get the key to the neutralizer, but in the end, the Habitat collapes, and she is lost in the ocean of paralytic fluid. The Key and the Neutralizer float around in the whirpool created by the deterioration of tha Habitat, and almost interlock and activate. Almost. They bounce off, anf Aeon is left paralyized in the Ocean.

-- ChaosKnight (, October 07, 1998.

thats right, but Fon doesnt start talking until the 3rd season. Ether Drift Theory was a 30 min episode from the 3rd deason.

-- Owen Black (, October 08, 1998.

He said "I think" he did not say it was the second season. I am well versed on the second season (as I am with all seasons, since I have them all on tape, but particularly with the second because I had just finished its review for DS.), and there is no speaking during it, except for when Aeon says "plop" And there were no episodes where Aeon drowns in the second season. My belief it is the Ether Drift Theory Stands

-- ChaosKnight (, October 08, 1998.

Wait a minute! The answer said that Aeon didn't talk during the episode. Unless you are referring to something other than normal human communication she DID speak during that episode. I just saw it on MTV's Weird-Assed cartoon weekend. I couldn't give you word for word on dialogue but I know she spoke.

-- Heather Cupples (, October 18, 1998.

Look, it has to be ether drift theory. I don't care when he says it was, there was no dialogue during season II (except for one word.). The only episode anything like that is the Ether Drift Theory.

-- ChaosKnight (, October 18, 1998.

The orginal question was certainly referring to Ether Drift Theory.

1.Aeon is under water (or rather, paralytic fluid) in both a submarine and in the Habitat.

2. Aeon meets and avoids the Eradicator (a ten foot tall robotic guard) at least once in EDT.

3. Aeon does have to cancel her escape attempt in EDT to retrieve the Key to Bargeld's neutralizer.

4. See 2.

5. EDT theory ends with Aeon bein trapped in the ocean of paralytic fluid.

6. The last shot is actually a zoom, not a draw-away, but it focuses on Aeon's face and eye.

Mustapha says he thinks it's from season two - "he thinks", not "he is absolutely sure." Also, saying "she starts talking" would indicate that there is dialog in the episode in question.

There is no real dialog in any of the second season - Aeon just says "plop" once. There is no second season episode dealing with water in any way except for Tide - and in Tide Aeon dies in an elevator, you'll recall.

Sorry if I go on and on at brutal length, but the episode in question is clearly Ether Drift Theory - there's no other option...

Ether Drift Theory is actually third season - one of the few in which Aeon has anything even resembling a death. I would say the really critical, dividing line between seasons two and three is actually length... How long was it, Mustapha? If it was more than about five minutes it's definetly a third season show - they were all half-hour segments.

-- Charles Martin (, October 20, 1998.

Yes, I bought "Operation Terminus" and can confirm that the episode I saw was the 3rd Season, 30 minuter called "Ether Drift Theory".

Thanks for answering the question. Shucks you guys are the best

-- Mustapha/JW/Marlboro/Whatever (, October 29, 1998.

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