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I am working in Bureau Service offering large format printing service. I am having a problem of Printing a RGB file through PosterShop 3.5. When the file is printed from Photoshop 5.0, the colors are accurate as displayed on the monitor, but when I try to print the same image from Postershop 3.5, the image colors on screen as well as the printed colors are totally different.

The Printer I am using is HP DesignJet 3500CP.

Please advise how to overcome this problem. Any help will be very much appreciated.

M. Arif

-- Anonymous, October 07, 1998


Try converting your images to CMYK in Photoshop, instead of letting Postershop do the conversion during ripping. I used to get much better results that way with Postershop 3.5. Experiment with the rgb to cmyk conversion process in Photoshop as well. Postershop Version 4 works far better with RGB images. I rarely do cmyk conversions anymore because version 4 handles rgb input so much better

-- Anonymous, October 09, 1998

Why can't you allow the user to RIP files without a mandatory conversion to CMYK? We need to produce TIFF files in RGB only. Postershop is a total waste here for that reason alone.


-- Anonymous, February 18, 1999

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