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Welcome! This Bulletin Board is dedicated to the following members: Priscilla, Angela, Mun Teng, Noi Hiang, Kirin, Ching Kiat, Patrick, and Yeh Rong. Please do not tell any other person about the password. If you wish to introduce additional members to the Board, you have to get approval from all of us. I think most of us here are bribable, you can try that!

-- Anonymous, October 07, 1998


hey, hey, hey what do you mean we're all bribible!! be careful what you say, ok?? i know we all have our price mine's just a job lah!! hahaha

-- Anonymous, October 15, 1998

Hi folks:

How can have a party without me?

I am on.

Keith (or Chingkiat)

-- Anonymous, October 15, 1998

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