Need a Reverand of a bullshit chuch to marry my lame pals in a pumpkin patch on Halloween! Help please! : LUSENET : Cacophony : One Thread

We need some moron that is a recognized Reverand of any kind of completely non religious based church or whatever to marry two of my foolish friends in a pumpkin patch in on Halloween night 1998. A pathetic plea, but quite necessary, nonetheless. Please help us. You are invited to indulge in our spaghetti feast out of the belly of a cadavre. Enjoy free brain jello. We'll even supply grease paint and silly costumes!!!

-- Hagatha Rottenpaw (, October 06, 1998


ill do the job no problem im a reverand of the church of me, as long as there is no strings attached im game if your friends are ok!

-- Rev Mark Sheridan (, January 31, 2001.


-- (, July 29, 2001.


-- Miguel (, July 02, 2002.

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