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I had an interview today with a reporter for our state newspaper. The subject was the impact Y2K will have on small businesses. Although she was interested, and said they will probably do an article on it, she was basically unaware that this segment of economy could actually experience major problems. I'm not putting off on her, she's doing the best she can. But it concerns me that for all the efforts on awareness, one of the reporters covering Y2K for a newspaper of this size still isn't aware of the impact of this event.

Second point made today. I guess some of you have seen how the NC Utility Comm. did a survey of the various utilities here. At risk of $1000/day fine for not answering, the bulk of them didn't bother to respond. I found it interesting that when the reporter contacted the Utility Comm. to find out why they had such a low response rate, they told her the non-responding utilities reported (on follow-ups) that they had checked everything out, and they had no Y2K exposure. What are your thoughts on this, I know what mine are. They either don't have a clue, or they do know and are afraid to report it.

Once again, I'm not trying to beat up on this particular reporter. When so many in the press remain unresponsive, she's actually putting forth a great effort to report things as she finds them.

-- Greg Sugg (, October 06, 1998


In the case of the utilities, I would say they are afraid to report it. In the case of most reporters, I would say they don't have a clue.

-- Beltway Buddy (DC) (, October 06, 1998.

I agree with Buddy on all counts. One thing is for sure, "investigative reporting" sure isn't. This gets back to the recent Y2K reporting that portrays Y2K as a very serious problem, but then wraps up with some fluff about not riding an elevator on Jan 1, 2000. I mean, can't these reporters THINK about what they WROTE??? (Of course, when Y2K "leader" senators claim that a 17-hour headstart will allow some kind of response plan to Y2K, who can blame anyone for being confused as to its seriousness....)

-- Joe (, October 06, 1998.

You might refer the reporter to The Small Business Administration announces there that "On Monday October 19, the SBA is launching Y2K Action Week. This is your chance to be part of educational events, sponsored by the SBA and its partners all across the country." Hopefully, these activities will increase awareness.

-- Dan Hunt (, October 06, 1998.

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