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City of San Diego progress on Y2K

Article is "good news, bad news", from my reading. Good news is that San Diego's mission-critical systems (all 4 million lines of 'em) will be fixed in time. Bad news: they started assessment on those 4M lines of code in spring of 1996 and are currently 2/3 complete, which essentially confirms the "3 year" timeline for fxing major systems.

Why bad news? Because this means any major organization that started later than 1996 (and their names is Legion) is in very deep yogurt, indeed.

-- Mac (, October 05, 1998


was very surprised to see a large article in the Sacramento Bee today about Y2k. It was a reprint from the Washington Post, and it seemed to be a pretty fair writeup of the problem-although of course no word on the government, and a little glossy, but it did actually mention things like power outages, telephone disruptions, etc. It didn't sound the alarm to start preparing yet, but when you start seeing the major local papers start sounding the alarm (next year?) then it's going to be an interesting ride! Anyone else see this particular article? It's titled 'Can We Squash the Bug?'

-- Damian Solorzano (, October 11, 1998.

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