What tools are needed post y2k?

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Seems to me the tools needed are much the same as needed now. Clear thinking, vision, wisdom, tolerance. Off-line for a week while I try to assess 'Rational Systems' as a learning tool for IS majors. Any opinions about these tools? Comments welcomed.

I fully expect the sun to rise and set over this bulletin board over the next week. Be interested to see what transpires in your posts especially in other countries..

-- Bob Barbour (r.barbour@waikato.ac.nz), October 04, 1998


The basic ttols necessary are food, water, shelter, and a means to protect it. The one tool that I have not heard much talk on are guns. Without a means to protect yourself and family, along with all the supplies that you've been stocking up on, the first group of scumbags that come along will hit the jackpot.

There's so much debate about what is the best rifle and pistol for a survival situation. First and formost this weapon will be used to defend your family, so it needs to be desinged for that. A shotgun always work well for this, you can pick up a Mossberg Model 590 for around $300. It's what is issued to some military units.

For women and children a rifle in .223 works very well. This is the round the US military uses so ammunition is plentiful. Ruger makes a very nice gun called the Mini-14, it can be had for around $450.

The adults should also have handguns. The smallest you want to go with is a 9mm. Depending on what type you want either a revolver or a semi-auto depends on the person. The revolver is much simpler to operate, but the auto can carry more bullets. A couple of handguns I can suggest is the Glock 9mm ($450-$550) or a Springfield .45 ($450-$550).

If you are considering hunting, you'll need a .308 or 30. .06, there are tons of different options here but I'm partial to bolt action for hunting. Reminton has the Model 700 and Winchester has the Model 70. If you do plan on hunting and you've never been before don't wate unti; you're hungry to learn this almost forgotten skill. Talk to your friends and coworkers and beg them to take you hunting.

With all of these what you absolutely must do is to learn how to use this tool, take a shooting class, the NRA gives very good ones. Once you've done this you must practice, at least one day a month, this a skil just like any other and in order to become profecient you must practice. I can't emphasize this enough so I will repeat this again. Get professional training and then practice.

-- Steven Stone (StevenDC@aol.com), October 11, 1998.

Tools.......well, to this country person that means much the same things I use now. Axes, adzes, rakes, mules, tack, saws, planes, hand drills, etc. That what you mean? Mac

-- Macajah B (macajah@uas.net), October 11, 1998.

Well, to me, tools are simply that, tools, but if you're anticipating a return to a 19th century standard of living, then invest in this book: "Handy farm devices and how to make them" isbn 1-55821-432-1 the book lists more things than can be comfortably placed in a post, but when I finish looking through it, look for my review at the amazon.com website. Btw, we found ours at B&N.-

-- Damian Solorzano (oggy1@webtv.net), October 11, 1998.

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