kodak cd 260-black and whiteis it possible?

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Does anyone know if I can get Black and White images with this camera, for that matter with any digital camera of this quality??? Or is it done in photshop ? If so would I have good quality black aand white for putting a image onto a newspaper advertisemnet... Please help- Thanks

-- d such (afcc@sierranet.net), October 04, 1998


Pretty much, it's done in Photoshop. A few cameras have a dedicated black & white mode, but all the point & shoots are starting with a 3- color, "striped" image, so there should be little difference. As to publication-quality, Check out some of the excellent tutorial pieces from Brian Lawler in our "Tips and FAQs" section. (Click on that heading in the left-hand navigation bar.) There are several articles on printing digital images, and one specifically on getting more "snap" in black and white conversions.

-- Dave Etchells (web@imaging-resource.com), October 05, 1998.

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