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Having resigned myself to trying out 4x5 contact printing till I could afford an enlarger, I found a used enlarger in town today.

I would appreciate any comments on its usability.

It is an Omega D3 Auto, and came with 4x5 and 35mm neg carriers as well as the two condensers.

Apart from being pretty dusty and in need of a bit of grease, it seems in very good condition - the bulb still works! The box for the condensers seems to be dated 1960, which looks about right.

It came with two lenses - a 50mm schneider (I have a modern one anyway) and a 135 4.5 Wollensak Raptor. This seemed perfect once it was dusted off and cleaned - no scratches or hazing.

So, how will this lens be for enlarging? (it will be a while before I can afford a more modern lens - I've already spent too much setting up in 4x5 in the last couple of months!).

By the way, I got it for CDN$100 which seemed too good a price to miss?


Tim A

-- Tim Atherton (, October 03, 1998


The Wollensak will do fine. I have pulled many prints in the US Navy darkrooms. The standard equipment was a D-2 with the 135mm Wollensak.

My partner and I just had one of those outfits given to us the other day. Had to readjust the lift arms for the lamphouse and clean it up and patch a few holes in the bellows, but for free, we'll take it.

-- Tony Brent (, October 05, 1998.

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