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Anybody else see Sen. Bennett's Y2K committee hearing on C-Span this weekend? The hearing was Friday, I saw part of it today, Sat. "Check your local listings."

My general impression is that there are many in govt. taking this very seriously. There was talk about increasing awareness among US citizens and "raising the profile of this issue" if I remember Sen. Dodd of Conn. correctly. Also, the committee was happy about the Y2K "Good Samaritan" legislation which passed congress Thursday. Maybe now Y2K will be discussed seriously by the media. Y2K may now become a major topic of conversation among Americans. Will panic start now?

Anyone else have any reaction?

-- Buddy (Wash., DC) (, October 03, 1998


As a whole slew of folks have opined hereabouts

"Panic will start when some group of people are bitten and somewhat injured/inconvenienced by the bug" (Aprox amalgam of the MANY quotes)

This really doesn't fill the bill and I don't think we'll see a true "panic" yet. We will, however see a small increase in the level of individual preparedness across most groups.


-- Chuck a Night Driver (, October 03, 1998.

I think you are accurate, Chuck. I think there will be an ever-increasing swell....panic only in the last quarter of the year 1999...

But what do I know?

-- Donna Barthuley (, October 03, 1998.

Chuck is right. Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow? Awareness is growing. A few more people are asking me about Y2K at work. They know I'm involved with the company Y2K program (actually, I AM THE COMPANY Y2K PROGRAM!!!). Anyway, they ask what I think about it. I haven't said too much about my own preparations, but they're surprised when I tell them what I think. I'm not sure if the thought scares them, or if they think I'm a kook. (Some of them probably do anyway.) But even though people are becoming aware, they will be slow to prepare. I went to the store today and bought half a cart load of canned goods. The checker just kept looking at me. (I wonder what she thought...) Many people I know would just be too ashamed to do that. They'd be too worried about what people might think.

BTW, on Monday I have a meeting with one of our company's new owners. She seems to be pretty sharp about Y2K. The new owners see the legal threat, but I'm not sure they see all the other possibilities for disaster. I hope to enlighten them. It also sounds like I will be getting some help. This is a small company, so for us it's still not too late. The real wildcard is our suppliers - including the utilities. I think you all know I'm not optimistic about them.

But back on topic... This thing won't hit the crisis stage until one of two things happens. Either someone gets bitten, very badly, (as Chuck said) or the press decides people want to hear about it. Much of what get printed or broadcast is not what's important, but what sells. Especially on television. If 60 Minutes did this story, and told the truth, then the masses might begin to wake up. (But I doubt it.)

Sorry I rambled on. I'm pretty wound up about this today.

One other thing. I bought the kids mummy bags (sleeping bags) today as a Christmas gift. They borrow mine alot, so now they'll each have their own. Very practical, all around. ;-)

Done ramblin'.

-- Mike (, October 03, 1998.

8 year old daughter to neighborhood friend, " What a crappy Christmas, all I got was this backpack, a pair of big boots, great big coat, a sleeping bag, and it looks like drugs, o its pills to make water pure. Whats wrong with my parents?"


-- Vic (, October 04, 1998.

P.S. Mike that wasn't a dig, thats prolly what my kids will get..


-- Vic (, October 04, 1998.

And in February, same 8 year old (now mentally 28 years old)

" What a great Christmas, but all I got was this backpack, a pair of big boots, great big coat, a sleeping bag, and it looks like drugs, o its pills to make water pure. Wish I'd a gotten a generator and some wool socks and some .....

-- Jean Cook (Kennesaw,GA) (, October 04, 1998.

I watched most of Bennett's hearings on Saturday(the rerun). Senator Dodd wanted to know from one of those giving testimony(I think it was FEMA) if he could give A DATE when Y2K work would be done. Dodd said," I think all of us would feel better if we could have a date." That struck me as strange. It seemed like everything would be OK if he had a date to hang on to. Here is a message for Senator Dodd and Senator Bennett.(I know Bennett reads these forums because Gayla said so:). Why don't you morons on Capitol Hill spend as much time with the Y2K issue as you do worrying about Clinton and Monica? Maybe someone could give Senator Dodd his much sought after "date."

-- Dave (, October 04, 1998.

Thanks, Dave. Now I'm in trouble! :-) Hey, Senators, I have a DATE for you. Can you say December 31, 2007? There, do you feel better now? I know I don't.

-- Gayla Dunbar (, October 04, 1998.


You made me laugh. I'm sure there will be plenty of "non-essentials" under the tree, though. BTW, how did you know they're getting backpacks and boots too? ;-)

As far as Sen. Dodd looking for a date, there is really no other way to handle this. If he gets a date, he has more ammunition (no pun intended) to use in his battle toward compliance. I realize that FEMA may be less than truthful about their progress and completion (if completion is even possible for FEMA) but what else can he do? Perhaps the idea is to drive home the fact that they can't guarantee anyone that they'll make it.

It seems that people who "get it" are really frustrated at the lack of action from government and private sector. Maybe Bennett and Dodd aren't getting as much done as we'd like, but they are on our side here. I stated this in another thread: I think Bennett is pretty worried. But if he went around DC saying what he really believes, they'd all think he was a kook. (Anyone know what that's like?) That's my $.02.

-- Mike (, October 04, 1998.

Thanks Mike, you are right. Those two senators are on our side, but listening to Bennett ramble on about the 17 hour early warning about Y2K made me think the guy does not have a brain in his head. When he said his state will have even more time, I almost fell off my chair and then Dodd congratulating him for his great insight. If was ludicrous to say the least. I have been preparing for over a year and do not expect to have everything ready. 17 hours is a joke.

-- Dave (, October 04, 1998.

I pretty much concur with everyone. At best, Y2K may be starting to reach the level of other news events, but the public has yet to really Get It in terms of the implications. Once people are personally affected next year (fiscal year 2000 rollovers), then they will panic (e.g., bank runs).

-- Joe (, October 05, 1998.

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