polariod type 55 p/n film

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I am interested in learning how to use polariod type 55 p/n film . However,it seems that a proper exposure for the print will mean one to two stops underexposure for the negative.Is there any way that I can have both ?


-- Robert Choi (audia6@connect.ab.ca), October 03, 1998


NOPE - short answer

If you want both use a black and white neg film and black and white polaroids separately. I

-- al (nissar@idt.net), October 03, 1998.


You are technically correct. The difference is aprox. one stop; two stops over expose for a good neg is overkill and highlights start blocking up. If I am just proofing, I rate the film at ISO 50 or 64. When I shoot it for the negative I double the exposure time (with strobes, go in reverse and stop down one stop for proofing).

-- Ellis (evphoto@insync.net), October 03, 1998.

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