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Just yesterday there was a space on here regarding chat room which was up and running. Now it is gone. I cant remember who it was by but I believe it was a Rev.? I attempted to get into the chat and was told I couldnt becuz it was Java related. I had many problems with my puter after that. Was this a virus pehaps? Also, any chat avail on aol?

-- Carrie (, October 03, 1998



I am very interested in starting up a chat on AOL. What would you like to call it?


-- Michael Taylor (, October 03, 1998.

Mike, assuming it would be a private chat, as I do not know much about aol chats, we could do y2kchat or if you know if we can do an open one, please advise. I am with you all the way. Feel free to email if you would like. I appreciate your response. Anyone else know if we can do an open chat? Scoffers will come but if it becomes out of hand we can do private.

-- Carrie (, October 03, 1998.

I had them start a Year 2000 message board on, October 03, 1998.

Well that didn't come out right. Mom's online has a Year 2000 message board in the Computer group.

-- Amy Leone (, October 03, 1998.

Hi all...

I did set up a chat room at:

I haven't heard of anyone from AOL having problems.


-Pastor Chris

-- Pastor Chris (, October 03, 1998.

mike, found a nonlive but updated alot here it is . i tried to get one via aol chat but unsuccessful. Pastor Chris, you are THE ONE i couldnt access due to java need? i will try new one.

-- carrie (, October 03, 1998.


-- carrie (, October 03, 1998.

I share your frustration, Carrie. Or at least I used to when I was running AOL 3.0 without Java capability. I know nothing about AOL 4.0, but considering AOL's tie-in with MicroSoft...Anybody know if AOL 4.0 works for outside chatrooms?

I do know that AOL 3.0 for WIN95 works with all the Java chatrooms I've been to, as well as IRC (chat), ICQ (chat) and Netscape (my preferred browser). AOL for WIN95 is a free download from the software area. I swear by it.

As for a Y2K chatroom in AOL, might I suggest opening your own "member" chatrooom in either the "News,Sports and Finance" area or the "Friends" area --- depending on your focus. Any AOLers here,interested in chatting real-time will monitor those areas (I will) and you'll be open to some interesting walk-in traffic as well.

Good luck.


"Television? The word is half Latin and half Greek. No good can comeout of it." -- Attributed to C.P. Scott

-- Hallyx (, October 04, 1998.

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