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very nice site with latest Y2K news stories from all around the world
highly recommended

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-- Andy (, October 01, 1998



This site links to Gary North forums, but is coy about that ("GN Forums").

Gee, ever wonder why Gary North and his fans are so reluctant to be up-front about North's welcome-the-apocalypse-so-we-righteous-ones-can-rise-up-and-take-over attitude?

Those not sharing North's right-wing religious views may wish to skip this site.

-- No Spam Please, I'm Y2Kute (, October 02, 1998.

Hi, I am the guy who created this site, it has been up for only three weeks, I added Gary North texts because it was available for reposting and seemed like a good way to add content. There is nothing "coy" about it. It is clearly marked as Gary North stuff. Do a lot people share the views of mr. Anonymouos ? Are those forums not a good resource for those who want to be prepared? Anyways my site main theme is Y2K News, I wrote a bot which searches the web for latest stories and updates on hourly basis.
thank you.
2000 and you! - Y2K latest news

-- Pete (, October 02, 1998.

Whether or not you agree with Gary North's opinions, commentary interpretations and/or personal religious philosophy (and I'll admit each of these issues gives me more than a bit of trouble), his site is a superb resource containing 1000's of links to relevant (and occasionally less than relevant) Y2K Internet resources.

When I forward a link to someone (which I originally found on Gary's site), I almost always send just the link to the original article from which Gary's commentary was derived. I do not usually include Gary's commentary. Sometimes I agree with his take on an article and sometimes I do not. But to completely dismiss the work he has done gathering and publishing the links because you happen to disagree with his 'take' is tantamount to avoiding the library because you don't like the librarian. That might be justifiable if the site contained links to just one perspective but that would be a difficult agruement to support in this case.

My advice to people regarding Gary's site is to get past the commentary, read the original article and decide for yourself whether it is relevant/important or not. It is also important not to make Gary's site your ONLY source of Y2K news (in the same way that some people tend make Rush Limbaugh their only source of political 'news').

Gary tends to paint a bleak, hopeless situation. I personally happen believe this situation is only hopeless if collectively, we continue to sit on our thumbs and wait for 'someone else' to take positive action to fix the problem. As you can see, I'm am also of the "combine personal responsibility/preparedness with community involvement" camp.

And for what it's worth, that's my 'take'...


-- Arnie Rimmer (, October 02, 1998.

I agree completely with everything just stated by Arnie. Also, I'd like to remind everyone that bad computer code could not care less about our various political and religious views, it will catch us "as we are". North's web site has valuable information, and thought provoking commentary. If your are NOT using this site as part of you information gathering and preparation for Y2K, you are missing out. ("Take what you need, and leave the rest", as they say.)

-- Joe (, October 02, 1998.

If Gary North has taught me anything, it is to read between the lines of the PR that goverment and utilities are spewing out. The people who have the most to lose will always be less than 100% truthful, until we, the public, call their bluff.

-- Dale (, October 02, 1998.

So, I changed the forums areas. They are now _not_ exclusively Gary North, I added links to other Y2K forums this forum being one of them.
Are you happy mr. Anon now? You made me work... :-)

Click Here to see it
Click Here to see it

-- pete (, October 03, 1998.

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