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I have a Toshiba notebook (model 430 CDT Satellite Pro.

a) Where do I get a Mpeg card and a video card compatible with my notebook?

b) How much will they cost?

Thanks and regards.

-- June Lim (, October 01, 1998


You can buy a MPEG PC card but it goes for about 80.00(US). Many places like,, A better alternative might be to use software. If you machine is a P75+ then you can use an MPEG-2 Decoder to play back the Mpeg-1 streams, course that goes for $200.00+(US). My opinion is usually to avoid add-ins unless the machine is real old. MPEG Decoder cards do not work on Win NT, Dos, or Windows 3.1 just Win 95/98.

-- Rutger Stevens (, January 28, 1999.

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