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I have a computer with Pentium MMX-200, 4x CD-ROM, 64 MB RAM. Whenever I played vcd on my machine, the machine almost crashed every time on Win 95.

Usually, I can see the first few pictures of the vcd fairly using MS Media Player 5.01, then the machine just won't cooperatre anymore by not responding or skipping pictures and generating noise. Eventually, the machine just crashed.

I guess my 4xcd-rom should not be the major reason of this problem. I heard that if I connect my cd-rom with indepedent command bus line, then this problem might be solved. Is this true, or is there any other solution to it? If adding the bus line can solve this problem, how to do it? (On my machine, I don't know how to add another command bus line. And there is no command bus line connector on my modem or sound card)


-- Wen-shiang Chen (, October 01, 1998


I'm not sure if this is your problem, but the SoftPEG technical support pages describe a Windows 95 bug with the 32-bit CDFS file system, which occurs when using an IDE CD-ROM drive on the same primary cable as the system IDE hard drive. That sounds a little like your problem.

The SoftPEG technical support page has a link to the Windows 95 bug fix. The URL is

-- Russil Wvong (, October 05, 1998.

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